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Step 4 - How to Manage Software Properly
  • 1 Dec. 2560
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IN TODAY’S ECONOMY, software is indispensable to every organization, large and small.Thanks to software, businesses are more efficient and workers are more productive.

Unlicensed software and inappropriate account sharing cheat creators out of their reward for the innovationthey have created; it also cheats a company out of the full value of the software. In addition, it can exposeconfidential data, create privacy concerns and subject the owner to criminal or civil penalties. In short, usingpirated software is bad business for everyone.


Effective Management of Software is a Four-Step Process

Step Four: Establish a Routine Audit

Monitoring adherence, guarding against the introduction of unauthorized software and keeping a list ofsupported software and services up-to-date is a continual process. In many businesses, it makes sense tohave someone, oftentimes called a SAM manager, responsible for the process in order to centralize the job.

Periodically, it’s a good idea to perform spot checks on individual computers to ensure illegal software has notbeen inadvertently or deliberately installed. It also makes sense to conduct a software inventory at least everyyear, just as any organization would for other valuable assets. When employees leave the company, make surethe software they worked with remains within company and that the old employee does not take or keepcopies.