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Step 3 - How to Manage Software Properly
  • 1 Dec. 2560
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IN TODAY’S ECONOMY, software is indispensable to every organization, large and small.Thanks to software, businesses are more efficient and workers are more productive.

Unlicensed software and inappropriate account sharing cheat creators out of their reward for the innovationthey have created; it also cheats a company out of the full value of the software. In addition, it can exposeconfidential data, create privacy concerns and subject the owner to criminal or civil penalties. In short, usingpirated software is bad business for everyone.


Effective Management of Software is a Four-Step Process

Step Three: Determine What’s Authorized or Unauthorized

With inventory in hand, compare the software installed on computers or utilized via SaaS to what’s allowedunder the terms of your licenses. Remember that some licenses allow for a certain number of copies of aprogram from a single source or allow a limited number of network users accessing the software or accountssimultaneously. The original license or service agreements will explain how many.

Once unauthorized software copies or improperly utilized account registrations have been identified, deletethese or cease the account sharing. This is also an ideal time to remind employees about the company’ssoftware policy and the dangers associated with unlicensed software.