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Step 2 - How to Manage Software Properly
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IN TODAY’S ECONOMY, software is indispensable to every organization, large and small.Thanks to software, businesses are more efficient and workers are more productive.

Unlicensed software and inappropriate account sharing cheat creators out of their reward for the innovationthey have created; it also cheats a company out of the full value of the software. In addition, it can exposeconfidential data, create privacy concerns and subject the owner to criminal or civil penalties. In short, usingpirated software is bad business for everyone.


Effective Management of Software is a Four-Step Process

Step Two: Audit Your Software

Once a policy and a set of procedures in place, the next step is to take inventory of all software assets. Only byknowing what programs are installed on all the devices in an organization including desktops, laptops, serversand any copies of programs from work installed by employees on their home computers, can a businessdetermine how to proceed.

An accurate inventory can answer the following questions:

• Are we using the most recent or most suitable version of programs we need?

• Are we using outdated or unnecessary programs that can be deleted?

• Are there other programs or services we should obtain to become more productive or efficient?

• Does each employee have the correct set of available programs?

• Do we have illegal, unauthorized, or unlicensed programs or copies in our business?