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Step 1 - How to Manage Software Properly
  • 1 Dec. 2560
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IN TODAY’S ECONOMY, software is indispensable to every organization, large and small.Thanks to software, businesses are more efficient and workers are more productive.

Unlicensed software and inappropriate account sharing cheat creators out of their reward for the innovationthey have created; it also cheats a company out of the full value of the software. In addition, it can exposeconfidential data, create privacy concerns and subject the owner to criminal or civil penalties. In short, usingpirated software is bad business for everyone.


Effective Management of Software is a Four-Step Process

Step One: Develop Policies and Procedures

Before anything else, a company culture of SAM must exist. In this culture, all employees must understand thevalue of software, learn the difference between authorized and unauthorized use, and commit to using licensedsoftware. To do this, an organization must have a clear statement of policy. The statement should express thecompany’s goals to manage software for maximum benefit, deal only in authorized software and spell out theprocedure for acquiring authorized software. An effective software purchase procedure consists of the followingelements:

• Centralize all software purchases, including services, through a purchasing department or otherdesignated company authority.

• Require all software purchase requests, including services, be in writing and made available to thepurchasing department or another agreed upon department.